The stench of Olmert’s hypocrisy

You couldn’t make this stuff up. Olmert has just had an epiphany:

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided Sunday that Israel will not allow the Gaza Strip to slide into a humanitarian crisis in the wake of the Hamas takeover in the coastal territory.

Olmert also decided that Israel will find a way to help provide food and medicine to Gaza residents via the international aid agencies.

Where does he think Gaza is … now, if not in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that has been going on for years? Is he blind or does he just think we are all stupid? The UN and Relief organizations were warning him about this more than a year ago. Of course, Olmert wants everyone to believe that the the crisis they are facing is purely the result of a ‘Hamas takeover’. Hamas was elected by the people of Palestine to govern them. The present crisis is a result of Israel’s refusal to let them govern.

All that’s missing is for Nancy Pelosi to recommend Olmert for recipient of the Nobel Peace prize.

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