They’re afraid

Independent journalist Dahr Jamail:

“A contractor I know working in Iraq wrote me recently. He gives me periodic updates about how life is on the base where he works in support of the military. He wrote:

‘”Another convoy hit hard-3 drivers killed and many others wounded – I don’t know if it’s my friends yet. They don’t like to advertise these kinds of things much around here because they cause the exit planes to fill up – the only problem is, there are more plane loads waiting in Houston [to come here]. The gullible waiting for their chance at the tarnished brass ring. [Me and my friends] agree this countries’ policies of oil have led us down the path of Armageddon.’

“At least 1,917 US soldiers have died in Iraq now, 16 just in the last week. At least 10 times that number have been wounded for life, both physically and psychologically.”

With the world’s oil supplies dwindling and the media reluctant to ask even the most basic questions of our leaders, Iraq will continue to descend into chaos.

How about these suggestions for journalists:

“John Howard, how do you feel about the fact that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have died since the “Coalition” invaded in 2003?”

“Prime Minister, any concerns that Iraq is increasingly aligning itself with Iran?”

“Howard, what exactly are Australian troops doing in Iraq?”

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