This is what US aid brought Egypt


Ninety percent of the total US$6 billion in USAID granted to Egypt over the past 30 years has been misused, while it is unknown where the rest was spent, a report by the Economic Studies Center revealed. USAID is a US agency whose primary purpose is to distribute civilian foreign aid.

The report said the grants were originally directed to support democracy and human rights, but were spent on salaries of foreign consultants, parties and conferences.

The center based its findings on reports by the USAID and the Egyptian Central Auditing Organization.

It also said that USAID gave the government $50 million to spend on education, of which $10 million were spent on scholarships for Egyptians to study in the United States.

The center requested the cabinet to investigate the disappearance of those funds, yet the cabinet said the information mentioned in the report was inaccurate.

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