Those best laid plans (hatched in utopia)

Why did Bush… realy invade Iraq? According to former CIA director George Tenet’s new book, it was:

“the administration’s largely unarticulated view that the democratic transformation of the Middle East through regime change in Iraq would be worth the price.”

Oops. Well, at least the Americans have rallied support around Iran and caused unprecedented levels of hatred towards the world’s only superpower. I’d say that’s a jolly good effort in only seven years. This is what happens when you have academics and office-bound journalists rallying for war.

It’s a shame the Americans didn’t focus more on reforming the Jewish state, a nation that is beyond politically and morally… dysfunctional.… Now we learn… that Prime Minister Olmert… will not resign after the release of the… 2006 Lebanon war investigation. Perhaps allegedly committing rape is the only… firing offence.

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