Timor sea justice

Channel 7 and SBS have refused to show these ads funded by millionaire businessman, Ian Melrose, explaining the ways in which the Australian government is stealing the oil and natural gas reserves in the Timor Shelf.

Crikey today reports that Melrose is bewildered by the networks’ decision:

The networks have not yet supplied written statements outlining the reasons why they refuse to screen the ads, but have indicated that they were concerned about the content of the ads for young viewers. Melrose says this is nonsense: “The ads have already been approved by the appropriate bodies and were deemed suitable for free-to-air television, so that can’t be the reason,” he told Crikey today.”

“What I want to know,” says Melrose, “is, has there been any correspondence between the networks and the Australian government?”

It’s a good question and one unlikely to be answered by government still basking in the glow of “liberating” East Timor in 1999.

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