Two birds with one stone

Don Myles contributes to Murdoch columnist Andrew Bolt’s online forum:

“Multiculturalism is a cancerous and destructive policy that has never worked in any country and never will. We already see enclaves of ethnic groups that will never assimilate and are already giving rise to “tribal gangs”. Of all religions, Islam is the most satanic and destructive and it’s history shows it. Muhammet was a butcher, not a prophet.”

Bolt calls the comments “rather strong.”

Of course, if was back in mid July that Bolt himself confidently pronounced: “It’s time we accepted the difficult truth: many of the Muslims we invite to live in Australia want to destroy us.”

“Many Muslims”, he says. How many exactly? 20? 100? The Muslim population of Australia is around 300,000. Surely “many” means more than half. No doubt Bolt interviewed many Muslims before the writing of his column.

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