Wanting to kill Gideon Levy via the Zionist mainstream

What kind of Jewish newspaper would publish a letter like this?

Having written a book The Punishment of Gaza – with an obvious content – Jewish Israeli Gideon Levy took great pleasure in making a vile speech at a meeting hosted by the Manchester Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

I ask several questions about this hideous man:

1. Why hasn’t be been expelled from Israel?

2. Why hasn’t Mossad been ordered to eliminate him? After all, this group gained recent notoriety for targeting an enemy of Israel. And isn’t the worst enemy a citizen?

3. Why hasn’t this man been arrested on a charge of treason?

Arab members of the Knesset frequently attack Israel – and I find it incredulous they can remain MPs.

It would not be tolerated in this country.

Israel also tolerates the loathsome Neturei Karta and even pays them to spread their message that the country which gives them freedom and safety, can tour the world, siding with the Palestinians to proclaim that Israel shouldn’t exist.

They have expressed horror that a senior Israeli rabbi had suggested it was OK to kill Palestinians, yet they never express outrage when Israel Jews are murdered by their Palestinian friends.

Crazy standards.

Brian Lux,
49 Abbey Road,

Britain’s Jewish Telegraph has, a literal incitement to murder.

Yet another sign of ever-worsening Zionist extremism in the Diaspora.

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