War crimes are the secrets nobody discusses

Sick of corporate journalists simply repeating government talking points? Are we “winning” the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? The embedded mindset is alive and well.

Dahr Jamail is a notable exception, independent reporter for years. Some choice comments from his recent interview with Truthout:

A3N: How do they [mainstream media] address the argument that exposing war crimes is not a crime?

DJ: Usually they don’t, because the corporate media – and the government, for that matter – avoid the words “war crime” as though they are a plague. Thus, they avoid the issue at all cost.

A3N: In your opinion, how do the corporate media present the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan to the US public?

DJ: With Iraq, the occupation is presented as though it was a mistake, as though the great benevolent US empire was mistakenly mislead into the war, but since “we” are there, it is good that at least Saddam Hussein has been removed – and now, of course, the US has only done the best it can in a tough situation.

With Afghanistan, the occupation is presented to the public as the ongoing frontline battle against “terrorism,” while in reality, they should call Afghanistan “pipeline-istan” because it’s all about securing the access corridors for natural gas and oil pipelines from the Black Sea through Afghanistan – the four main US bases there are located along the exact pipeline route – to the coast of Pakistan.

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