We break the law

Wikileaks, the essential site for uncovering the darkest secrets of the “war on terror”, has posted further information about the legal and moral blackhole that is Guanatanamo Bay.

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) from 2004 reveals:

1. Non-compliance with the Geneva Conventions remains official US Policy,

according to leading Habeas Corpus lawyers from the Center for Constitutional Rights. Systematic denial of Red Cross access to prisoners remains. The use of dogs remains. Segregation and isolation are still used routinely and systematically – including an initial period of at least 4 weeks “to enhance and exploit the disorientation and disorganization felt by a newly arrived detainee”, only terminated at the behest of interrogators. Both manuals assert that detainees will be treated in accordance with the “spirit” of the Geneva conventions “to the degree consistent with military needs”, but never assert that the conventions are actually being followed at Guantanamo. Put into practice, neither manual complies with the Geneva conventions.

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