We don’t want them

Islamophobe Daniel Pipes warns of a “looming immigration problem” in Europe. He outlines tactics employed by “illegals” to enter the continent but fails to wonder why they want to come in the first place.

“…It is probably only a matter of time until other Western states follow Spain and Australia and resort to military force”, he writes.

Pipes’ dislikes cultures that will seemingly infect the perfection of Western civilisation. He’s a bigot and ignoramus given cachet by a gullible media. For that reason, he’s in great demand in the West but shunned throughout the rest of the world.

Until Pipes and his fellow travellers acknowledge the ever-growing refugee crisis – and reasons behind it – the vicious cycle will continue.

I’ve long thought a clash of civilisations is imminent: First world vs. Third World. Why should we keep all the spoils for ourselves?

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