We know our friends well

Australia’s national broadcaster continues to confirm its descent towards the capitulation of the Murdoch and Packer media empires. Truth doesn’t matter, protecting the powerful does:

Some of the ABC’s stars last night accused their board of “caving in” to political pressure after the broadcaster’s publishing arm backed away from a book about influential Sydney radio presenter Alan Jones.

A strongly worded petition in support of Four Corners veteran Chris Masters was backed by more than 20 executives, producers and broadcasters, including Tony Jones, Geraldine Doogue and Liz Jackson.

“The sight of the ABC caving in under political or commercial pressure invites the powerful and wealthy to believe threats can deter the ABC from producing controversial material through any of its outlets,” the staffers’ statement said.

They called for an urgent and full explanation of “the processes involved in this decision, including the role of the ABC board”.

The 2002 Chris Masters special on Alan Jones is worth recalling.

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