We know what is going on now

Leading Israeli human rights group B’Tselem investigates yet another level of Israeli apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories:

Since the beginning of the second intifada, in September 2000, Israel has imposed restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the West Bank that are unprecedented in scope and time. As a result, the fundamental right of West Bank Palestinians to freedom of movement, their exercise of which was limited in any event, has become a privilege that Israel extends to them as it deems fit. Indeed, Palestinian travel in the West Bank is now an exception, which must be justified to the Israeli authorities, and almost every trip entails uncertainty, friction with soldiers, much waiting, and often great expense.

Israel combines a number of means in implementing the restrictions-on-movement regime. The means include fixed and temporary checkpoints, 47 of which control Palestinians’ movement inside the West Bank , 455 physical obstructions on roads, and the Separation Barrier. Certain areas are under siege: entry is possible only through checkpoints and is subject to checks and possession of a permit. On 312 kilometers of main roads in the West Bank , vehicles bearing Palestinian license plates are forbidden or restricted.

And where are the Jews publicly chastising these moves? Deafening silence, as usual.

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