We must cleanse ourselves of these aggressive Jews

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald on the frustration of Zionist neo-conservatives who only imagine a world with violence and occupation:

Neocons arrogate unto themselves the right to make appeals to what they believe is the “dual loyalty” of American Jews — most of whom, in fact, reject their radical ideology — when trying to coerce support for their agenda. … Podhoretz’s Commentary Magazine convened a “symposium” of some of the nation’s most typical war-loving neocons to discuss his new book, and virtually everyone of them argued that American Jews should shift their political loyalties to the… Right because the… Right is “better for… Israel” — as though considerations of what’s best for a foreign country is how most American Jews (rather than just neocons) decide how they vote in American elections. … Neocons have long gotten away with this manipulative game: simultaneously demanding that American Jews support the… Right on the ground that the… Right is allegedly better for Israel… (i.e., a “dual loyalty” appeal) while branding as “bigots”… and… “anti-Semites” anyone and everyone who points out that neocons think this way…

Not only do the vast majority of American Jews reject virtually every core neocon tenet of American politics, but they also have the same priorities as Americans generally when it comes to deciding their political loyalties (the economy, health care, social issues — not Israel).…  In 2008, while most American Jews said they “care about”… Israel in general, only 6… % identified “support for Israel” as the most important factor in determining their vote.

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