We’re winning, we’re winning, we’re winning. Scratch all that – now we’re winning.

Since day 1, war supporters have insisted that the Bush policies were right on target, so it’s amusing now to hear the same crowd claim to have got it right today, and right when they had it wrong.

Greenwald let’s the Bush enablers have it by making an illustrative example of Kit Bond.

Bond yesterday:

While I agree that we had the wrong plan for three years, we now have the right one, and the right man to lead it.

Bond, in Jan 2006:

After meeting with military officials in Iraq, Bond said there has been significant progress combating the insurgency. He said the United States and Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) have been successful in cleaning out insurgents, turning the areas over to the ISF to prevent the return of extremists and using funds to create new jobs, particularly in Sunni areas.

Bond in 2005:

MATTHEWS: Do you believe that based upon the huge evidence today that the Bush policy is working? Yes or no, Senator Bond? BOND: Yes. Oh, yes. It’s yes.

Bond in 2004:

It’s time the Democrats stop attacking the President.

These people who carried Bush’s water for more than 4 years simply have no credibility left.

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