What a future

The Sydney Morning Herald website has a new blog, Inkslinger, written by Fairfax journalist Matthew C Thompson. He writes: “Inkslinger will set the record straight on sex, terrorism, literature, bloodsports, art, individuality, and the importance of risk.”

It’s early days, but looks like Thompson will fit in quite well at the militarised Fairfax bunker: “I believe there is a worldwide struggle going on between jihadists and the US plus its allies…Asymmetric warfare it might be, but warfare it is. I’m not neutral. I’m against the jihadists…I hate those people. Three cheers to the Philippine Special Forces and their US advisors who are right now launching raids and strikes trying to capture or kill a pack of jihadists, including some of the Bali bombers.”

Upon the departure of Margo Kingston from the SMH, editor-in-chief Mark Scott today Crikey yesterday that readers of the smh.com.au website could expect “new blogs which will provide opportunities for readers to express their views and communicate with each other, in addition to our strong breaking news coverage.” Meaningless, bland rubbish, in other words.

Inkslinger may fit in quite well, though I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.

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