What Gaza is suffering far too often

Here’s reporter Rami Almeghari writing from Gaza about the largely ignored Israeli bombing campaign that terrorises the tiny strip on a regular basis:

Late on Monday night, 27 September, an Israeli drone spotted and killed three Palestinians near the Gaza-Israel boundary near the central Gaza Strip refugee camp of al-Bureij. This was just one of the frequent attacks Israel has launched on the coastal territory since its brutal three-week assault ended in January 2009. Israel claimed that the three victims had been preparing to fire projectiles into Israel when they were killed.

A mix of feelings tore through me while I was at the Shuhada al-Aqsa hospital in the town of Deir al-Balah. It was almost 10:30pm when a doctor was stitching up the lips of my little boy Muhammad, who had taken a fall while playing at home with his sister.

Abruptly, a crowd of people carrying the three victims of the drone shelling entered the department where my son was being treated. Screaming suddenly broke the calm in the place, pushing the doctor to leave Muhammad and rush to try to help rescue the latest Palestinian casualities.

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