What is wrong with this picture?

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman says this week that an independent Palestinian state is at least two years away.

Jerusalem’s mayor continues to expand Jewish control in the city, pushing out Palestinian families.

The International Trade Union Confederation votes to maintain the status-quo, oppose boycott, divestment and sanctions and speak like it’s still 1993.

But there is trouble in paradise. Zionists and their supporters who simply hope and pray for a change in Israel are deluding themselves. Action is being taken:

The leaders of European Friends of Israel (EFI), the European lobby for Israel and its economy, warned yesterday of a deterioration in the political climate in Europe against Israel, and an increase in the phenomenon of boycotts of Israeli products and businesspeople throughout Europe.…  They noted that there was a growing phenomenon of European investment funds that were divesting from Israeli companies, for reasons defined as “business ethics.”

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