What some American Jews really want is unlimited cash for Israel and no questions asked

Many Jews are America are worried that the Obama administration hasn’t continued the blind rhetorical support for Israel. They’ve become rather used to it.

Now we learn that the White House has hosted a numbers of meetings between officials and Rabbis to calm the nerves of the poor Zionists:

Efrem Goldberg, the rabbi at Boca Raton Synagogue, which is Orthodox, said he left the meeting still wondering if the administration is on the right track, but still “cautiously optimistic” because of the depth of commitment to Israel he heard.

“I left with a clear impression that these individuals have a real passion about Israel,” even if he did not agree with them on tactics, Goldberg said. Their interlocutors at the two meetings were high level: Dennis Ross, who runs Obama’s Iran policy; Dan Shapiro, the deputy national security adviser who supervises policy for Israel and its neighbors; Susan Sher, the chief White House liaison to the Jewish community, and Emanuel.

“Among the rabbis, there was a diversity of those who support the administration policies and feel the message hasn’t trickled down, and those who have problems with some of the policies,” Goldberg said. “But the universal message was you need to show more love, this is not how you treat family.”

Family don’t abuse Arabs and occupy another people’s land and expect not to be chastised for it.

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