When killing Iranians is your primary Jewish goal

The singular aim of Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick (a woman with form) is depressingly lacking in foresight, originality, morality or legality:

What can Israel do to prevent Iran from further expanding its nuclear capacity and block it from emerging as a nuclear power?

The answer to this question is the same as it has been for the past six years, since the scale of Teheran’s nuclear program was first revealed. Israel can order the Israel Air Force to bomb Iran’s nuclear and missile facilities with the aim of denying Iran the ability to attack the Jewish state.

Finally, consistent polling data shows that the Israeli public understands the need for a strike and would be willing to accept whatever consequences flow in its wake. The public will support a government decision to strike even if the strike is not a one-off like the 1981 IAF strike that destroyed Iraq’s Osirak reactor. The public will support the government even if the strike precipitates a condemnation by the US and a resumption of hostilities with Lebanon and even with Syria.

With each passing day, Iran moves closer to the bomb and closer to initiating war on its terms. The international community will do nothing to preempt this danger. Israel must act. Fighting a war on our terms is eminently preferable to fighting one on Iran’s.

It’s clear that Glick either desperately believes in causing even-deeper hatred toward Israel around the world or simply won’t accept a regional challenge to Israel’s hegemony.

Either way, her prognosis is sheer madness.…  Muslim hatred on a massive scale. Iranian anger. Zionist arrogance masquerading as common sense.

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