Who says Abu Ghraib is bad for business?

Private contractor CACI provided some of the torturers at Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

So it therefore makes sense, following the rules of crony capitalism, that a rebounding economy is suiting CACI just fine:

CACI, an Arlington County-based defense contractor, hired 3,500 people in its last fiscal year and plans 4,000 hires this year. It has been adding so many people that it recently had to bring on five more recruiters to help sort through the candidates.

“We’re right in the sweet spot,” said Larry Clifton, the company’s senior vice president in charge of recruiting.

With such a high demand for top employees, he has started to go after promising undergraduates in their junior year, “taking them off the market before competitors get to them.”

Instead of offering just a summer internship program, the company has year-round internships for Washington area college students so they can work part time and make money for school.

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