Why the Afghan war will never be won

Syed Saleem Shahzad, Asia Times, February 10:

The situation is ripe for Iran to connect with two of its enemies – the Taliban and the US – both of which are seeking Tehran’s help against each other. This is a trademark of Iranian diplomacy – to connect with its enemies and then exploit the situation to its best advantage.

Parag Khanna, Foreign Policy, February:

Despite the flurry of American activity in the region, it’s by no means clear that Washington is any closer to understanding the dynamics in South-Central Asia — some that predate 9/11, and many that are new. On my recent trip to the region, I saw the incoherency unfolding for myself. To fix its strategy and hence, Afghanistan, the Obama administration will have to go regional – and, crucially, look beyond the usual suspects for help, even if they are not naturally inclined allies.

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