Will Hillary save the neocons?

Sarah Baxter of the Times Online believes that the departure of Paul Wolfowitz from the world bank marks the death knell of the neocons.

Now the neocons have been ousted, one by one, from their positions of influence and trust while the Republican party base is desperately thrashing around for a successor to Bush that it can back in 2008.

But Scott Ritter has described the neocons as political parasites. Their goals are purely ideological. They have no particular political allegiance or loyalty to any party. They move from a discarded host to whomever will accommodate them. Many of the neocons began their careers from within the Democratic party, so will they be allowed to return?

The A prominent NEOCON has endorsed Hillary for the nomination because he believes that having her as President would enable the discredited neocons to reconstitute their power under a Democratic presidency. Many of us on the blogosphere have been making this prediction over the past couple of months (myself included) and it appears are worst fears are coming true.

We can only hope that we do not see the neocons rising from the ashes of the Republican party.

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