Yes, then no, then maybe, than yes

Desmond Tutu is invited to speak at an American university. Some Jews are upset and the campus disinvites him. The Zionist Organisation of America defends an inaccurate press release that alleges the Archbishop had compared Hitler to Israel, then its head Morton Klein says he sees no problem quoting somebody in a false way if “our encapsulation promotes what his statements essentially said.” In other words, Klein is happy to lie about anybody who dares challenge Israeli brutality.

Now, thankfully, the original university in question, University of St Thomas, has reinvited Tutu.

Chalk this up for yet another “win” for the hardline Zionist lobby.

UPDATE: Forward editorialises on this issue and gets it spot on:

We are following an old model of Jewish advocacy in a world where the rules have changed. We give free rein to our most alarmist instincts — defend Israel unquestioningly, accept on faith any accusation of antisemitism, believe the worst of everyone — and in so doing we permit the most extreme and cynical elements in our community to set our agenda.

We can win the battles, but at a mounting cost. A few more victories like this one, and we are lost.

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