Your worst nightmare

While Iran continues to thumb its nose at the West – and announces a conference to question the authenticity of the Jewish Holocaust – leading Iranian blogger Hoder offers some words of advice to a worried world:

“Dear US and EU leaders,

“You can’t stop Iran from achieving nuclear weapons. You have not enough diplomatic options, nor military solutions. Simply because Iran has played this game much smarter than you.

“To be honest, it’s not the bombs that endanger the region. It’s the undemocratic, threatening regime of Iran that makes any technology dangerous, let alone nuclear ones.

“So, please, instead of putting all your energy on stopping Iran, channel all your resources to make this regime change its behaviour.

“It’s not possible by military attack or coup. It’s only possible by helping every Iranian individual understand that they can change this regime if they want to. Not through another violent revolution, but simply through small holes that for whatever reason exit: elections!”

Such advice will no doubt offend the chicken-hawks, but we must do everything to avoid a repeat of the Iraq debacle.

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