Zionists need cash to support Israel?

If Zionists are so passionate about Israel, why do they need payment to spread anti-Arab propaganda?

A group working to promote pro-Israel sentiment at American colleges is hiring students to act as campus emissaries of the Jewish state.

Jewish student leaders from Columbia University, New York University, and Queens College will receive up to $1,000 a year from the advocacy group StandWithUs to bring speakers and films to campus that portray Israel in a positive light.

“There’s an atmosphere that everything has to be intellectually valid,” a sophomore history major at Columbia University, Ariel Pollock, said of her campus. “It’s a great framework, but for some reason Israel has fallen outside of that paradigm.”

Ms. Pollock, 20, is one of 38 “Emerson Fellows” selected for the new initiative, funded by California-based philanthropists Rita and Steven Emerson.

She said she plans to use her stipend to bring to campus a film about Moroccan and Indian immigrants to Israel, “Turn Left at the End of the World,” and to organize academic debates between Columbia faculty in the department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures and pro-Israel professors she plans to invite.

Considering the fact that leading American Zionist lobbies are now tasked to deny other people’s genocides and defend every Israeli action, perhaps confused Jews will feel more inspired to defend the indefensible after a financial incentive.

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