722,000 Israeli Jews living illegally in Palestine

American blogger Richard Silverstein features a revealing figure from a leading Israeli newspaper:

Yisrael HaYom published… today one of the more stark and telling statistics about the ”˜success’ of the Occupation: in 2011, 722,000 Israelis lived beyond the Green Line, including in settlements and East Jerusalem. … This was a 5% increase over 2010. … That means that 1 in every seven Israelis lives outside of 1967 borders and explains why the country is rapidly becoming a unitary state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan. … Bibiton and the settlers themselves are overjoyed with this development because it means they can continue pursuing their Apartheid Jews-only State.

In that case, it becomes critical to begin thinking, indeed demanding that if Israel refuses to end the Occupation and cede almost all territory outside the 1967 borders to a Palestinian state, then it must accord all individuals living in “greater” Israel full citizenship and rights. … We must stop talking about this as a possibility or eventuality, but as a reality. … Israel must be given a stark choice. … Either it’s one state from river to sea in the old Jabotinskyean anthem or the Occupation must end now.