A letter in the SMH to counter Zionist spin

Following yesterday’s article in the Sydney Morning Herald by Zionist lobbyist Vic Alhadeff, I submitted the following unpublished letter:

Once again we have the sorry sight of an Australian Zionist spokesman, Vic Alhadeff (15/3/10) seemingly incapable of condemning Israel’s ever-expanding colonisation of the West Bank. While the international community is becoming increasingly intolerant of the Jewish state’s insistence that a two-state solution is the ideal while building illegal settlements on Palestinian land, Zionist leaders try to tell us that black is white and Palestinians should simply accept Israel’s right to exist. A two-state solution is dead and buried. One-state is fast approaching and the Jewish state will only have itself to blame.

Jews have a noble tradition of questioning official doctrine on a host of issues, from religion to abortion to reproductive rights. Only Israel brings an intellectual bankruptcy that must support every action of the Zionist nation. Let Mr.Alhadeff prove me wrong.

Readers should know that many Jews do not support Israel’s right to be an apartheid state, a term now widely used by virtually every human rights group on the planet.