Act like little school children

Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News journalist Tim Marshall praises the Tamil community for being good little protesters in London but those damn Palestinian supporters need to really understand that civility is the appropriate response in the face of Israeli aggression:

The weekend’s demonstration by Britain’s Tamil population showed us how a demonstration in the UK should be run. Or rather – walked.

The anti Israeli demos of recent weeks saw thousands of young men running through the streets, throwing crash barriers at the police and chanting obscenities. My favourite was the deeply religious young man screaming ‘Allah Akbhar you f%3king pooftah cowards’ at retreating police officers.

The Tamils by contrast, assembled peacefully, and noisily, and cheerfully, in their tens of thousands, marched, presented a petition to Downing Street, made their point, got their media coverage, and went home.

Is that clear, future campaigners? Behave, walk don’t run and crave the approval of the corporate media.

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