Afghanistan: just like Israel?

This Washington Post article outlines the cluster-fuck that is Afghanistan. No real plan, no real direction, lives being lost for no reason, a fundamentally corrupt, US-backed government and a nation that always beats occupiers. Barack Obama, the same old tune.

But then this:

“We are looking at two decades of supplying a few billion a year to Afghanistan,” said Michael E. O’Hanlon, a senior fellow and military expert at the Brookings Institution, adding: “It’s a reasonable guess that for 20 years, we essentially will have to fund half the Afghan budget.” He described the price as reasonable, given that it may cost the United States $100 billion this year to continue fighting.

“We are creating a [long-term military aid] situation similar to the ones we have with Israel, Egypt and Jordan,” he said.

So, the West is trying to simply create a client state?

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