American Jews starting to speak out against Israel; more, please

This has been coming for a while and it’s growing.

A fascinating feature in Haaretz that details the growing schisms in the American Jewish community. More and more Jews simply cannot support a Zionist state that oppresses the Palestinians.

Jewish writer Eric Alterman shows indirectly how the only major groups backing Israel in the near future will be Christian fundamentalists, Orthodox Jews, racist Jews who hate Muslims and the right wing who love Israel for oppressing Arabs. Liberal Jewry is turning away:

In the past, you could say to liberal friends who criticized Israel ‘What would you do if you were in their place?. After all, no country would agree to undertake security risks [like] those that are required from Israel. But in recent years it’s more and more difficult to say it. It’s much more complicated to justify the raid on the Turkish flotilla, or the way Israel handled Gaza, or the attacks on human rights organizations. It looks like we we’re reaching a point where liberal American Jews will be forced to choose between their values and their emotional attachment to Israel. And many, alas, are going to stick with their values. There’s a sense of failure of an idea with regards to Israel. This is something very painful for me to say.”

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