And fascism grows

A Jewish couple makes aliyah to Israel and find a society that is “losing its soul“:

More than in decades past, the Israel I recently visited is a mixture of despair and arrogance. There is a great deal of pride over the Gaza campaign. When I pointed out that was nothing to be proud of since it was like the Pittsburg Steelers playing against a High School team. Most Israelis felt that while true, “those people” deserved it. The despair comes from a terrible realization that there is no real “just” solution to this conflict. It’s a zero sum problem, us or them, and there is a groundswell of support for a “move’em on out” permanent solution for the Palestinians. With respect to Gaza the solution I heard most frequently was to lock the gates and let them wither away from starvation or bust the gates at Rafah and move to Egypt if they want to eat.