Australia’s Zionist lobby worried BDS may be catching

The ongoing controversy over Sydney’s Marrickville council backing BDS against Israel is getting the political and media establishment and Zionist lobby worried.

So what to do?

Find a compliant Federal politician who loves Israel to death and will do anything to defend Zionist occupation.

Victorian Liberal Mitch Fifield is your man. He’s been on trips to Israel (alongside Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd late last year) and back in 2009 he talked about the glorious democracy in Israel.

Today he moved the following in the Federal Senate. The Greens voted against it and asked for it to be recorded in Hansard:

Senator Fifield: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) the boycott of Israel instigated by Marrickville Council – part of the Global Boycott Divestments and Sanctions (GBDS) – banning any links with Israeli organisations or organisations that support Israel and prohibiting any academic, government, sporting or cultural exchanges with Israel,

(ii) letters from Marrickville Council to Members of Parliament asking them to support the GBDS, and

(iii) reports of the intention of the Greens Marrickville Mayor, Ms Fiona Byrne, to seek to extend the boycott of Israel to the entire state of New South Wales;

(b) acknowledges that Israel is a legitimate and democratic state and a good friend of Australia; and

(c) denounces the Israeli boycott by Marrickville Council and condemns any expansion of it.

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