Battle of the Zionist lobbies

After J Street condemned Sarah Palin for encouraging the expansion of illegal, Jewish settlements in the West Bank, J Street condemned her recklessness.

Leading Zionist figure Abe Foxman condemned J Street for condemning Palin and questioned the group’s “pro-Israel” position.

J Street responded and wrote this:

Abe, we can disagree on matters of policy.…  You may support unlimited settlement expansion, I do not.…  You may support immediate, unilateral sanctions on Iran at a delicate moment in international negotiations, J Street does not. We say give diplomacy the full opportunity to succeed and if it doesn’t then take action against Iran with broad, international support.…  You may be willing to go along with the defamation of a world-renowned (and Zionist) jurist who has asked tough questions about the Gaza War, but, while we came out clearly against one-sided UN action against Israel, we have refused to join the chorus of personal attacks against Judge Goldstone.

You, of course, have every right to disagree with us. It’s a free country.

But you have no right to decide who is and is not pro-Israel based on whether they agree with your views.