Bringing it home

A good example of global issues taking root in local communities, such as Melbourne’s suburbs:

Moreland Council has publicly condemned the “Israeli massacre in Gaza”.

Cr John Kavanagh was the lone voice of dissent against Cr Enver Erdogan’s successful motion to condemn Israel’s actions at last week’s council meeting.

Although a ceasefire is now in place, Cr Erdogan said a flurry of phone calls from residents angry over the latest flare-up in the Middle East was behind his move.

“The Israeli massacre in Gaza has left over 1300 people dead and thousands more injured,” Cr Erdogan said.

“Quite a few people called me up expressing they wished to hear support from council about the issue which has deeply affected both them and their families living over there.”

Cr John Kavanagh urged his fellow councillors to reject the motion. “It’s outside our area,” he said.

“The motion is too biased for one side. I realise Israel are the aggressors but they have also had to put up with Hamas bombing them … for a long time.

“I think we shouldn’t be taking sides.”

But Cr Stella Kariofyllidis said the council should not remain silent.

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