Cancel culture is (often) about silencing critical voices on Palestine

Back in 2006, I published my first book, My Israel Question, which was met with huge opposition from the organised Jewish community but warm approval from the general public. It became a best-seller. Here’s a profile about my book and me in the Sydney Morning Herald in 2006.

My then publisher Louise Adler wrote this in the Guardian last weekend. It’s mostly about the new book by ABC journalist John Lyons, Dateline Jerusalem, on the unhealthy power of the Zionist lobby, but also about my book back in the day (and she’s only telling a small part of the ugly tale of attempts to ban, censor and pulp it):

Years ago I published Antony Loewenstein’s My Israel Question, which sought to understand the Israel lobby. The response was wildly disproportionate. One might have thought community leaders would engage Loewenstein in constructive discussion to “set him straight”. Instead the Australian Jewish News engaged in a relentless vilification campaign against the author and his publisher. Michael Danby, then a politician, wrote to Melbourne University’s vice-chancellor, Glyn Davis, demanding I be sacked and the book pulped. Despite the attempted intimidation the vice-chancellor continued a 14-year steadfast commitment to MUP’s editorial independence.

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