Can’t tell the difference between Hitler and Muslims?

Perhaps it’s in the job contract when you want to be a senior Murdoch executive; dislike Muslims and defame them regularly.

The Herald Sun’s Alan Howe has form, seemingly finding democracy for Arabs a serious problem because it may affect Zionist occupation.

He’s back with a new column headlined: “Picking up where Adolf left off“, talking about Nazis and Muslims (because they’re really the same thing, haven’t you heard?)

The jostling for power in the vacuum created in Egypt by the ousting of the corrupt and brutal president Hosni Mubarak is throwing up some interesting and dangerous characters.

How this plays out might alter the balance of power and not just in the Middle East. I suspect the West has underestimated the strength and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, a social and political organisation that early on was inspired by Hitler’s Nazis and had links with them.

It is often overlooked now, but Hitler’s leadership made a key strategic alliance that would have reshaped the world had we not beaten Hitler.

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