Fascism lands in Israel and the West doesn’t blink

Powerful piece by… Shaul Arieli in Haaretz:

The erosion of Israel’s image and credibility among world leaders and global public opinion is presented as “that same anti-Semitism in other garb.” The process of delegitimizing the booming settlement enterprise and the opposition to continued Israeli control of the territories are termed “wild incitement.” The latest excuse: The upheavals in the Arab world will lead to an anti-Israeli Islamic Winter not dependent on our actions, since, after all, “the Arabs are the same Arabs and the sea is the same sea.”

When I bumped into far-right politician Baruch Marzel in Hebron recently, he explained the shift in Israeli perception succinctly. “The truth won out,” he said, against the backdrop of a Shuhada Street shockingly empty of its Palestinian residents. “The evidence for this is the ever-smaller number of people who attend the memorial for Rabin as opposed to the ever-growing number who attend the memorial for Kahane.”

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