Fearing the worst


Another “terrorist” killed by Israel in Lebanon. More photos and info here and here. In the current crisis, it’s vital to study non-Western news sources.

Meanwhile, Robert Fisk examines the price being paid by the Lebanese people:

You could see the Israeli missiles coming through the clouds of smoke, hurtling like thunderbolts into the apartment blocks of Ghobeiri, the crack of the explosions so loud that my ears are still singing hours later as I write this report.

Yes, I suppose you could call this a “terrorist” target, for here in these mean, fearful streets is – or rather was – the Hizbollah headquarters. Even the movement’s propaganda television station, Al-Manar, lay a pancaked ruin in the street, its broadcasts still being transmitted from the station’s bunker beneath the rubble. But what of the tens of thousands of people who live here?

The few who were not lying in their basements ran shrieking through the streets – not gunmen, but women with screaming children, families holding suitcases, desperate to leave the heaps of broken buildings, entire apartment blocks smashed to bits, the roadways covered in smashed balconies and torn electrical wires. “You don’t have to help the resistance,” Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader, told the Lebanese on television last night. “The resistance is on the front line and the Lebanese are behind them.”

UPDATE: For CNN, Lebanese deaths don’t matter.

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