Focusing on power politics always leaves the innocent out

This front page story in today’s Washington Post indicates the real flaws in so much corporate reporting on the Middle East. What’s the angle and who’s affected? Not the people under occupation in Palestine (or elsewhere) but the diplomatic act between two major powers:

The worldwide condemnation of the deadly Israeli assault on the Gaza aid flotilla will complicate the Obama administration’s efforts to improve its tense relations with Jerusalem and will probably distract from the push to sanction Iran over its nuclear program.

The timing of the incident is remarkably bad for Israel and the United States. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and President Obama were scheduled to meet Tuesday in Washington as part of a “kiss and make up” session. The United Nations, meanwhile, was set to begin final deliberations on Iran in the weeks ahead.

Now the White House talks have been scrubbed, Israel’s actions were the subject of an emergency U.N. Security Council meeting Monday and the administration increasingly faces a difficult balancing act as Israel’s diplomatic isolation deepens.

Nice angle. Perhaps a little less time in the halls of power (as interesting as this is) and more on the ground in the lands actually living under siege. Crazy idea, I know.

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