Get one-state on the table, says Israeli blogger

Promised Land is one of Israel’s finest English-language blogs. I met its author Noam Sheizaf today in Tel Aviv, a 35 year man with a deep love for Israel (and Tel Aviv) and interesting ideas about the conflict. He was dismissive of most Diaspora Jewry, people with little or no idea what is actually happening in Palestine. He believes that Israel should begin a discussion about the one-state solution, though he acknowledges the concept is currently viewed by most as blasphemy. His latest post further examines this important proposition:

Becoming a part of the state of Israel will carry huge benefits for the Palestinians: instead of being one of the world’s poorest nations, with a huge population of refugees, they will be part of a fast growing western economy, with fine social services and better health care than many Americans have. Instead of confining themselves to the tiny West Bank, they will be able to enjoy the whole land – from Eilat to the Galilee. And with time, they will be able to influence the politics, the culture and the symbols of this state. Given the demographic trends, the vision of the bi-national “Isratine” state is not that far away.

A fine Israeli thinker who deserves greater recognition.

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