Glenn Reynolds Syndrome

Brought to you from the perennial satirist at Instaputz. I have to tell you, this guy’s blog is addictive.

Even in Australia they think he’s a total putz:

Back in 2004, Glenn Reynolds declared that the election here in Australia was in no small part a referendum on the Iraq war. This was wrong, as anyone who was here at the time could tell you. So, I posted a roundup of comments from news stories, pundits and bloggers, left and right, pro- and anti-war. Everyone agreed that the war was only a minor issue. Reynolds’ sole support for his position, Tim Blair, showed up in comments to deny that he was saying that the war was a major issue. Since not one person in Australia now supported his position Reynolds concluded that he was right and that I was “unreliable”.

Confirmation Bias isn’t really adequate to describe the way Reynolds thinks. I’m calling it Glenn Reynolds Syndrome.

Great idea, Tim, but we don’t use that name in the States. He’s just Putz, to us.

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