Pelosi has the last laugh

Whatever you think of House Speaker Nany Pelosi, you can’t deny that the woman Is resilient.

The right wing media and blogosphere had a field day ripping into Pelosi, during her surprise trip to Syria.

Some went so far as to suggest that Pelosi might be vulnerable to prosecuted under the Logan Act .

Sensing the smell of blood, they went in for the kill and came up”¦”¦empty. The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll yielded no such cataclysm.

Bush: Approve 35%/Disapprove 62%/No Opinon 2%
Pelosi: Approve 53%/Disapprove 35%/No Opinion 12%

Bear in mind that the most recent portion of that poll was taken when the right wing noise machine was at fever pitch over her trip to Syria.

Bush, who hasn’t seen approval figures above 40% in more than a year, would, would probably throw another multi-million dollar bash if he returned to such numbers.

Whether you’re a fan of Pelosi or not, the most encouraging indicator here might be thatt in spite of the media barrage to vilify her, these numbers suggest that the American public is fed up with the Bush doctrine and demanding the return of diplomacy as a first option.

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