Hands up who believes anything the JPost says about occupation?

The recent Australian, Zionist junket to Israel – get a bunch of gullible journalists and politicians to swoon over glorious Israeli democracy – included a talk from a senior editor who couldn’t even admit the colonies are illegal under international law (nobody accepts their legitimacy).

As for BDS, it’s not a real threat, hey? So why does the Israeli government and its proxies spend a growing amount of time opposing any criticism of its behaviour?

Seriously, who buys this bollocks anymore?

Those committing time and effort to boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel are wasting their time.

This it the view of David Horovitz, editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post, who said the Israeli Government is aware of the global movement, but remains unconcerned.

The only “tangible impact” of BDS being felt is cultural boycotts, he said, explaining that some pop stars’ decisions to cross Israel off their tour schedules had resulted in negative publicity.

“That’s probably the area that has had the most public resonance,” he told an Australian delegation in Israel.

“There is no overwhelming pressure on [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu to act strongly against the [Jewish] settlements.”

The respected commentator said the reasons behind the BDS campaign are shallow and unconvincing.

“When the international community says to us, ”˜if it wasn’t for settlements everything would be fine’, we don’t believe it,” he said.

He called on those who take part in the boycotts, including most recently the NSW branch of The Greens, to spend time trying to understand the situation.

“This is disputed territory,” he said, emphasising the West Bank area is not obviously Palestinian land, as many people think. “Yet we are willing to concede.

“You can boycott us, but you don’t tell the truth of your sentiments.”

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