Hate mail of the week

Here’s a gem from one Albert Landa, delivered on the Sabbath, no less:

I just caught your interview with the ubiquitous Geraldine Doogue(spelling?) and I have heard quite a lot about you and the question which came to my mind, in a nutshell, is this:


What is it that you want to see Israel do? Do you want them to pull out of the West Bank, like now,taking all the settlements with them, do you want them to tear down the wall (shades of Ronald Reagon) which has, I believe. reduced suicide bombings by up to 90%.Do you want to see Israel pilloried in the halls of the UN and throughout the world’s media..Do you want to see Israel immediately take in the millions of Palestinian refugees displaced by the war that was inflicted on them like so many other wars?.Do you want to see Israel stop wingeing about the thousands of rockets being fired into it’s territories, endangering the lives of its citizens on a daily basis.Do you want Israel want to become a perfect flawless democracy, where even those who are hell-bent on its destruction are given full and equal “rights” that are enjoyed by its Jewish citizens.Is this a risk that Israel should obviously be prepared to take so that it can win the approval of even its most anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic enemies, including dismaying, deluded traitors like yourself.Do you imagine the leaders of Israel are this stupid?As far as “perfect” democracies are concerned, perhaps you might like to inform me of the existence of any.I believe that there are times of national emergency, such as the seemingly permanent condition of the state of Israel that it is simply not possible to have a flawless democracy.Perhaps you were thinking of the many Arab “democracies: in the Middle East that you might like to see Israel emulate

You certainly seem to have more confidence in the integrity of Hamas and other avowed enemies of Israel than you do in your own people.Do you think that by taking this stand you are going to win the admiration and respect of the non-Jewish world? Only those of a criminal mind with criminal intentions will grant you this spurious approval and this will only be because at that moment it may be tactically convenient and just one more tactic to weaken and undermine their enemy.Because, make no mistake, even though your blogging and careerist public pronouncements of disapproval of Israel may be used as further ammunition in the Hamas long =term plan for the destruction of Israel, you will be one of the first to have your throat cut by your erstwhile “friends” if they succeed, because in the final analysis, and as much as you may hate it you are, and always will be, a Jew.

Just one other thing.It strikes me that you are wanting to have it both ways.A “bob each way” to quote an Aussie vernacular.On the one hand you like to assure your non Jewish audience of your impeccable Jewish credentials, you know, the child of Holocaust survivors blah blah,and on the other hand, you, in the name of a spurious and totally unconvincing desire for “fairness” want to feel free to attack certain vital policies that Israel is by and large forced to take.Why can’t you accept that the situation in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs is a state of ongoing war and mutual hatred and distrust.In this situation it does not help to identify with the “other side”.In a time of war, your attitude would be regarded as the most heinous treachery and the appropriate punishment would and should be meted out.

You seem to feel that the “solution” to the Middle East tragedy is soley the responsibility of the Israelis.Perhaps you might like to think about possible contributions that the many Arab countries in the region might make to further this process.I don’t wish to become personal but I see in your situation a certain tragedy.Despite all your protestations, you ARE going to be adjudged a ‘self-hating’ Jew, desparate for the approval of the non-Jewish world, even at the expense of your own people,and, as well, playing into the hands of the enemies of Israel and the Jews.You bring shame, not only to yourself,but certainly to your brothers and sisters.a great people who have suffered enough throughout history and will always need all the friends that it can get.You say that the Holocaust is “in the past”.Yes, in terms of mere time this is true but in other senses the Holocaust is still with us and perhaps it always will be.You make me sad, almost to the point of despair, but at the same time, I am sorry, but you also disgust me.

Albert Landa

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