Head of Israel’s biggest “peace group” happy to protect colonies

If more evidence was needed of the moral collapse of the mainstream Israeli “peace movement”, this is it. The fact that the Israeli government would honour the group Peace Now is bad enough but the quotes from its leader are highly revealing, and depressing:

The Peace Now movement has recently received a certificate of merit from Defense Minister Ehud Barakfor its support of reserve soldiers.

The certificate was personally signed by Barak and Chief Reserve Officer Brigadier General Shuki Ben-Anat. “For your activity and care for employees serving in reserve duty. Your activity is commendable and greatly contributes to the IDF’s fortitude and the State of Israel’s security.”

The certificate was issued as part of a competition which honors organizations, businesses and companies whose workers serve as reservists and are supported in this by their workplace.

Peace Now Secretary-General said in response: “Each year I get to visit the territories as a combat reserve soldier despite the difficulty in following disputable orders such as guarding settlements or outposts, working in checkpoints and conducting tours in the West Bank.

“I believe than in a democratic country, the government makes the decision and as I am willing to guard settlements with my body I expect soldiers by my side to help in future evacuations.

He added: “The Right is trying to incite against the Left and take ownership of patriotism and loyalty to the State. A loyal citizen is a person who is willing to fight for the state’s future and work towards changing reality. I am glad about receiving the certificate but as far as Peace Now is concerned reserve duty is obvious and not anything out of the ordinary.”

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