Hey, we thought you loved us always

The Israeli press reflects the worry in the establishment:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said this weekend that no agreement to continued settlement expansion existed. Clinton is right. No such agreement exists, existed or is likely ever to exist. The issue isn’t what she said, but the tone that was used. Once upon a time, a statement like that of Clinton’s would have made top headlines. Today it joins a large pile of other blunt statements that senior officials in the Obama administration have released against Israel in the past number of weeks.

Now it has become evident that a very senior American security official said in a closed conversation that was recently held in Washington that “if Netanyahu doesn’t realize that Washington has changed, that will be a very bad mistake on his part.” Another American official who is very close to President Obama said at the same opportunity: “Washington is going to speak in a single voice from now on. There won’t be any exceptions.”

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