How to help Palestinians in a practical way

I recently visited the West Bank settlement of Susya and witnessed the extremism of the Jewish settlers there.

I recall being amazed seeing environmentally-friendly energy sources, such as solar panels, alongside Palestinian camps. Comet-Me are one company that installs these devices:

Our mission is to facilitate social and economical empowerment in the poorest and most marginalised communities in the occupied Palestinian territories through material support and capacity building. The core of the our activity is the provision of basic energy services for off-grid communities in a way that is both environmentally and socially sustainable.

These energy services include the required hardware and the local capacity to maintain and install existing and additional systems. Although the money and know how come from the outside the ownership of the project is local in that the entire decision making is done by the community’s local committee.

Comet-ME is a joint initiative of Israelis and local Palestinians communities who believe that barriers of hostility can be overcome by joint, concrete, work aimed at felling down the walls of segregation and racism. from comet-me on Vimeo.

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