Israel can only show power by belittling others

Israel’s attempt at humiliating the Turkish ambassador has back-fired spectacularly. It is the moves of a little nation, not a democracy, a country that wants to embarrass Jews. If they think this is showing Zionist strength, they are sadly mistaken.

The Haaretz editorial:

Israel’s fury at critics of its policies in Gaza is not new. But there is no need to be a “radical Muslim” or “a friend of Syria and Iran” to understand that imprisoning a million and a half civilians in Gaza is abuse and not policy. Even Israel’s closest friends are cautioning against continuing this brutal policy, which has already gravely damaged Israel’s interests and its close relations with Turkey.

Yossi Sarid in Haaretz:

The Israel of David Ben-Gurion intended to restore the Jewish people to history and to the family of nations. But Israel insists on being that family’s disturbed stepbrother. Lieberman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are bringing us back to the sealed ghetto, surrounding us with a fence and a wall. This is not testimony to self-confidence. On the contrary: It shows a Diaspora-like weakness, as if we were still the slaves of Pharaoh. We got through Pharaoh, but it’s not at all certain we will get through this government, which seats such a low person on such a high seat. How ludicrous, how frightening.