Israeli spin and its failings

Below are some of the more interesting Gaza-related pieces online over the last days:

Ezra Klein, associate editor at The American Prospect, explains that being ‘pro-Israel’ means more than simply mouthing Israeli press releases. Yet another prominent young Jewish American speaks out against Israeli brutality.

The Economist: Despite devoting unparalleled attention to the media, Israel is losing the propaganda war.”

Rami G. Khouri, writing in Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper: “It only amazes me that Americans expect us to take them seriously and not to laugh – or throw up – when they preach to us about promoting democracy.”

– One of Israel’s supposed leftists, A.B. Yehoshua, writes an open letter to one of the country’s finest humanists, Gideon Levy.

An interesting piece in the Melbourne Age: “Israelis are living high on US expense account.”

– More evidence that Israel is deliberately targeting civilians in Gaza.

– Bernard Avishai, an interesting Israeli writer, argues on his blog that Israel’s moral compass is utterly screwed: “How could the vast majority of Israelis feel it morally defensible to take actions bound to result in the deaths of so many kids; how for the sake of gains everybody assumes will be, in the grand scheme of things, tactical and temporary?”

– Former Israeli peace negotiator and dove Daniel Levy writes in the Huffington Post that both Israel and Hamas will soon craft their own versions of victory.

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