Israel’s isolating glow over Goldstone

Eldad Yaniv in Haaretz:

In the early 1990s, when Judge Richard Goldstone headed a commission of inquiry on the rising violence in South Africa toward the end of apartheid, he garnered the same kind of compliments from the Afrikaners as he has been getting from Israel over the last few weeks. But the “Jew boy” wasn’t the problem then, and he isn’t the problem now. And PR isn’t the solution. Take a look in the mirror; it’s not Goldstone, it’s us. We’re the problem as well as the solution.

Israel is being pushed to the side of the world stage and will yet find itself in the same position South Africa was during the final years of the right-wing “crocodile,” P.W. Botha, a conservative ideologue. The Goldstone report is a cruel but accurate image of Israel the leper as seen by the “anti-Semitic” Goldstone and Israel’s good friends around the world, who are having a hard time continuing to defend the country.